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Are you fed up with not having type of women you want in your life?
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Are you struggling to get women to respond to your messages?
Do you know exactly what Is holding you back but you feel powerless to change it?
Have you had any success with women but it didn't last?
Are you self motivated but feeling stuck?
Are you dreaming of different lifestyle with your dream women around you?
Are you looking to meet your soulmate but feeling insecure about It?

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Based on the real life story of overcoming lack of self confidence by Wojciech Mach Coauthor of Breakthrough

Well, I’m here to tell you that you deserve the perfect partner and you can find and attract the woman of your dreams–and i can help you do it.

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Best-in-class dating coaching program for men who want to master every facet of dating in order to find a girlfriend, wife, or long-term relationship.

You will learn practical precise action plan to attract your dream women, build your confidence to go on dates (with women you're really excited about), which will help you find your forever person, fast.
 Are you ready to stop being a dating disaster and have the phone ringing off the hook? Are you ready to attract the right kind of women and create happy relationships? Then this is the book is for you. 
What that means for you, is you’ll always have a full calendar of possible candidates. So no longer are you going to be searching in self help books, apps, or blogs to piece together a dating strategy.
GoForConfidence have helped hundreds of guys. To help them find the one. This Program helps you to diffuse your energy, increase your confidence, and avoid getting ghosted, friendzoned, or worse… settling for the wrong woman.

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My name is Wojciech Mach

The story of overcoming lack of self confidence around women by Wojciech has been featured in a Breakthrough book. Since then his mission is to help transform boys into men. They do that via a 20 day challenge GoForConfidence and 1-1 coaching. Wojciech lives with his wife and 2 children in London. He has engineering background but his real passion is networking. He Loves to travel and help people grow. He is also showing people how to monetise their travels. Get in touch to show you how...

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